I still hate these

28 03 2009

I have a…

[ ] Mother
[x] Father
[ ] Step-Father
[ ] Step-Mother
[ ] Step Sister
[ ] Step Brother
[x] Brother
[ ] Brother In Law
[x] Sister
[ ] Sister In Law
[ ] Half sister
[ ] Half brother
[x] Nephew
[x] Niece
[ ] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[x] Mobile phone
[ ] Own bathroom
[x] Own room
[ ] Have/had a swimming pool
[ ] Have/had a hot tub
[ ] Guest room
[x] Living Room
[x] Own computer
[x] Own TV
Total: 10

[x] Full size/Queen bed
[x] More than 8 pairs of shoes
[x] MP3 Player/iPod
[x] PS2/3
[ ] Nintendo DS or PSP
[x] Gameboy/Advance
[ ] Gamecube
[x] xbox/xbox 360
[ ] Wii
[x] Your Own Laptop
Total so far: 17

[ ] Basketball net/hoop
[x] Air hockey table
[ ] Pool table
[ ] Ping pong table
[ ] Foosball table
Total so far: 18

[x] Night stand
[x] Stereo in bedroom
[ ] DVD player in bedroom/portable
Total so far: 20

[ ] Go shopping at least once a week
[x] Expensive cologne/perfume
[ ] camera on phone
Total so far: 22

[x] Go Cart/car/quad
[x] Guitar/drums/bass guitar
[x] Piano/Keyboard
[x] Any other instrument
[ ] Been on a cruise
[x] Traveled out of the country
[x] Traveled out of the continent
[ ] Had a personal trainer
[x] Expensive jewelery
[x] Met a Celeb
Total so far: 30

[x] Straightener/curling iron
[x] Have been to a batting cage
[ ] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet
[x] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card
[x] Have a TV in your room
[x] Mirror in your room
Total so far: 35

[x] Window in your room
[x] Been to Paris
[ ] Been to Rome
[x] Been to the Bahamas
[ ] Been to Mexico
[ ] Been to Jamaica
Total so far: 38

[x] Parents have a car
[x] Have owned or own a Jet ski/boat
[x] Had/have Camped
[x] Been to 3+ states
[x] 80+ buddies on facebook/myspace
Total so far: 43

[x] Home cooked meal almost everyday
[x] Been in a limo
[ ] Been in a helicopter
[x] Own a camera
[ ] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times
Total so far: 46

Post as:
1-25 = Ghetto! (and tag 5 people)
26-40 = Average Teen! (and tag 10 people)
41-50 = Spoiled Teen! (and tag 15 people)
51+ = Upper Class Snob! (and tag 20 people)


fuck this

22 03 2009

give me a fucking gun so i can END IT

The Power of Music

17 03 2009

It all began when I was watching Blindness. Not the happiest movie, but there was this scene of absolute chaos. Sure, there was a lot of chaos in this movie, but the significance of this particular scene is that, when all hope was in the far distance, music was put on the speakers.

And this disgusting chaos became beautiful; the music brought everyone together, regardless of differences.

Now sure, it was just a movie, but it really made me look a bit farther.

In the emergency department, people sit dying in those stupid seats in the stupid waiting room, arguing that they are more important to take care of. It’s loud, unmanageable, and so nerve wracking you want to sit down and cry.

In the corner of this waiting room is a piano. Nobody plays it so it’s just kind of sitting there all the time. We got it a few months ago to try and spruce up the place, but it doesn’t help much except be a pretty decoration. This girl who had dislocated her knee became so fed up that she went to the piano and started playing to herself.

She wasn’t that great, but the presence of music at all just seemed to calm everyone down at once. It was like somebody shot a gun, but without the panic. Everyone sat down in a seat without saying anything and listened to this girl play.

Even when the resident doctor came in for the next patient, he was absolutely amazed at the lack of screaming and arguing and crying that was there 100% of every other day. Even after the girl stopped and went in to be treated, the peacefulness continued for a few more minutes.

I guess music is a language we can all understand. And thankfully when it tells everyone to shut the hell up, and they do.


This Is

5 03 2009



Don’t leave home without it.

I Hate These

21 02 2009

– Available: Yes
– Age: 21
– Annoyance: People who spit when they talk
– Animal: Wombat

– Beer: Duff
– Birthday: December 2nd
– Best Friends: Keep me alive
– Body Part on opposite sex: Penis
-Best feeling in the world: Laying down in a comfy bed after a long day of backbreaking work
– Blind or Deaf: I once had a blind friend
– Best weather: Overcast but with warm wind
– Been in Love: Unreciprocated YAY
– Been on stage?: In 3rd grade
– Believe in Magic: :C yeah
– Believe in God: No
– Believe in Santa: I’m Jewish xD

– Candy: Jolly Ranchers
– Color: Blue
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
– Chinese/Mexican: Immigrant workers?
– Cake or pie: Cake
– Continent to visit: Ireland
– Cheese: No thanks

– Day or Night: Both
– Dance in the rain?: Every time
– Do the splits?: Oh god no D8

– Eggs: Over easy
– Eyes: Blue
– Everyone’s got: A little love
– Ever failed a class?: Yes

– Full name: Alexinadra von Egert
– First thoughts waking up: FUCK
– Food: Oh god food I love you

– Greatest Fear: Spiders lmao
– Goals: Posh penthouse in NYC
– Gum: I would like some, yes
– Get along with your parents?: One of them
– Good luck charm: A jade necklace I have worn since 8th grade

– Hair Color: Currently dark brown
– Height: 5’8″
– Happy: Is something I have yet to feel this week
– Holiday: Chinese New Years with all the rockets and cool souvenirs
– How do you want to die: Doing something I love

– Ice Cream: Bubblegum in a waffle cone, my weakness
– Instrument: Piano


– Jewelry: 2 necklaces, my class ring, and my chastity ring
– Job: General physician

– Kids: Take them home
– Kickboxing or karate: Mud wrestling 8)
– Keep a journal?: This is my journal

– Longest Car Ride: 3 days
– Love: Is all you need
– Letter: X
– Laughed so hard you cried: The other day on Skype

– Milk flavor: Whole
– Movies: I love them
– Motion sickness?: Yes :c
– McD’s or BK: I’ve never been to Burger King :\

– Number of Siblings: 6
– Number of Piercings: 2
– Number: 22

– One wish: I want to go home

– Perfect Pizza: Supreme
– Pepsi/Coke: Coke

– Quail: Bring it

– Reason to cry: When I am yelled at :C
– Reality T.V: Gay
– Radio Station: Oldies
– Roll your tongue in a circle?: Yes
– Ring size: 7

– Song: Let it Be
– Shoe size: 10
– Salad Dressing: Italian
– Sushi: Lovely
– Skipped school: Ah, I miss those days
– Slept outside: I love it
– Smoked?: No
– Skinny dipped?: Yes
– Shower daily?: Duh
– Sing well?: I sound like a beached walrus in dry heat
– Sing in the Shower?: Yes :C
– Swear?: All the time
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Morango

– Time for bed: Bed?
– Thunderstorms: I love them

– Unpredictable: Men

– Vacation spot: Drummund Island

– Weakness: A warm fuzzy bed
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Katelin or Ana
– Who makes you laugh the most: Rayanna
– Wanted to be a model?: Once
– Where do we go when we die?: 6 feet under
– Worst Weather?: When it’s clear and cold and windy and you can see your breath

– X-Rays: Several
– Ex’s: That starts with E dumbass

– Year it is now: 657635443
– Yellow: Submarine

– Zoo animal: Monkeys

1. Slept in a bed beside you? Uhh Elias
2. You went to the mall with? Elias
3. You went to dinner with? Myself
4. You talked to on the phone? To get my paycheck
5. Made you laugh? Ana
6. Hugged you? No one
7. Said they loved you? No one
8. Held your hand? Elias
9. You spoke with? Charlotte
10. You cried over?

I Remember

19 02 2009

I remember: collecting sand dollars on the beach until sundown

I remember: dancing in the rain during a hurricane

I remember: roasting marshmallows until they fused with the stick holding them

I remember: falling asleep to the rocking of the waves beneath us

I remember: crying at my mother’s funeral

I remember: the first time I decided not to do my homework

I remember: gazing at the thousands of stars for hours, even though it was freezing out

I remember: strumming a guitar for the very first time

I remember: holding him in my arms because he was so scared

I remember: yelling at him I HATE YOU even though I loved him so much

I remember: going into at chatroom when I was 11 and telling everyone I was 15

I remember: falling in love for the very first time

I remember: crying my eyes out when the love ended

I remember: trying to explain to my dad that I had gotten my period

I remember: making presents with my brothers for my mom when she was sick

I remember: driving my motorcycle into a tree and blaming it on my sister

I remember: going on a rollercoaster for the first time ever

I remember: stealing my sister’s make up to cover my pimples

I remember: sitting around a table with my friends, trying to eat noodles using chopsticks… with our feet

I remember: getting locked in the bathroom at the park and telling myself I was going to die

I remember: stuffing chocolate in my face so I couldn’t get caught with it

I remember: getting $20 for my birthday and feeling incredibly rich

I remember: my very first kiss

I remember: chasing the boys around the playground threatening to give them cooties

I remember: the first time I said a curse word

I remember: when one of my close friends told me that if I was a liar she was going to kill herself

I remember: lying to her

Dealing With the Flu

16 02 2009

So you’re sick in bed; stomach pains, headache, stuffy nose, sore throat, no energy, and feeling like you’re gonna throw up. The flue has been going around recently and increasingly, people have been asking me what to do. How exactly do you deal with it?

Before anything, drag yourself out of bed and try to take a few Tylenol or Advil. If you have the flu really bad, being upright for even a minute will have you wanting to collapse and/or puke your guts out, so after downing some pills and a bit of water, get back in bed.

If you’re anything like me, and home alone when you’re sick, it’s gonna be silent and boring laying in bed. Want to play some music? Here’s a tip: play something you’ve heard a million times but don’t necessarily like. If you like it then every time you hear it, you’ll feel sick. It’s just some psychosomatic thing that connects the song to when you were sick. As you listen, focus on the words; try to sing along. This will get your mind off the pain and sickness. It’ll be hard for the first song, but after a while you’ll be singing along like a lunatic, just kind of… laying down.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try laying down on the couch and watching a movie. Don’t pick a TV show because it won’t last long enough. When picking a movie, once again, pick one you’ve seen a million times but don’t necessarily like. Also, no action/explosive movies! The flashing lights and loud sounds will fuel the headache and render the movie-viewing useless.

If you have a strong feeling that you’re going to throw up any second, bring a large bowl or a trashcan with you. Make sure it’s empty, or the smells will aggravate your inflamed senses. Sitting in front of the toilet for an hour will not help one bit; having your head upright when you’re this sick won’t have a pleasant effect.

With any luck, you’ll fall asleep while focusing on the music or movie. This flu season has been a bad one; I’ve gotten it and my roommates have as well.

If you ever get hungry or thirsty while sick, stick with crackers and water. The salt in things like chicken soup won’t cure you any more than Sunny D cures cancer.

However, if you’ve thrown up, drink Gatorade or soda and replenish the sugars you lost!

Take care of yourself this flu season!